Construction Industry News Bulletin: May 25
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A summary of the news and updates from the heavy construction industry.

Landslide on California highway part of $1 billion in damage

A Monterey County Sheriff's helicopter shows an aerial view of the recent landslide at Mud Creek in Big Sur. The landslide has buried Highway 1 under a 40-foot layer of rock and dirt.

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Trump admin delays greenhouse gas measurement rule for highways

The Trump administration is delaying enforcement of an Obama administration regulation that would have required state and local officials to measure greenhouse gas emissions related to the use of specific highways.

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Major work planned for Arizona's Coolidge Dam

Coolidge Dam, which regulates the distribution of much of Pinal County's irrigation water, could be close to undergoing some major maintenance work.In a letter obtained by PinalCentral sent to affected public agencies by the Bureau of Indian Affairs , which oversees the dam's operations, project manager Ferris Begay outlined the work that will be done. He wrote the project calls for a rehabilitation, update and/or installation of operation, control and security features on the dam.

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Women seek construction industry's critical path

Despite numerous studies that show the business value of diverse management and professional teams, a gender-based wage gap still dogs women in the business world, Carey Smith, president of the federal business unit of Parsons Corp., told nearly 400 attendees at the Groundbreaking Women in Construction conference.

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21 states add construction jobs in April as labor shortage persists

An Associated General Contractors of America analysis of Department of Labor data found that 21 states added construction positions between March and April, a four-state uptick compared to last month. Like March, 39 states added construction jobs year over year.

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