Industry News: Moles releases its newsletter

The Moles is a New Jersey based organization composed of individuals now or formerly engaged in the construction of tunnel, subway, sewer, foundation, marine, sub-aqueous or other heavy construction projects.
Their latest newsletter contains an interesting feature on the history of the Tunnel Boring Machine and editor Tim Groark, writes: "In researching the history of the Mole, the Tunnel Boring Machine (“TBM”) kind, I came across a wonderful article Fred Hapgood authored entitled, History of the Tunnel Boring Machine from which I want to acknowledge that in a very large part this article was derived and much of the credit should go to Mr. Hapgood for his excellent literary work."

Catch the article—"TBM – Carving the Way in to the Future"and also more news and happenings from The Mole.

Read the newsletter here.