Construction Industry News: Oct 22, 2018

What the construction industry can expect post-Hurricane Michael

While Hurricane Michael was more destructive than hurricanes that have hit Florida in the recent past, much of what lies ahead will likely play out the same way as it did with lesser storms, leaving a roadmap of sorts for those contractors that will soon head to Northwest Florida to begin restoring what nature destroyed.


Team envisons future of the American road with new NSF planning grant

Headquartered at the University of Kansas School of Engineering, a research team is envisioning what U.S. roads, highways, bridges and supporting infrastructure could look like in coming decades — a time when autonomous vehicles, more traffic and harsher weather driven by climate change could stress the American transportation system.


West Virginia officials halt construction on highway project

A company working on the Corridor H highway in West Virginia has been ordered to stop by the state Department of Environmental Protection.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports the department’s Sept. 28 cease-and-desist order follows a series of violations in Randolph and Tucker counties where Kokosing Construction Company is doing work on the $209 million project.


7 giant airport projects around the world take flight

The U.S. alone could see up to $70 billion spent on more than 50 airport construction projects in the next three years, driven by the need to modernize aging facilities as well as renovate to accommodate technological advances.


A Race to the Finish on Oroville Dam Spillway Fix

Seemingly chaotic but actually highly choreographed and sequenced, the $1.1-billion Lake Oroville Spillways Emergency Recovery Project moves at an ultra-fast-track pace for one important reason: to repair the structures in time to protect cities, farmland and hundreds of thousands of people downstream of Oroville Dam before Northern California’s rainy season begins in November.