Beavers Student Day

New East Link Extension, Seattle Washington

New East Link Extension, Seattle, WashingtonOn October 20, the Beavers and Stacy and Witbeck Inc. and Atkinson Construction hosted a Beavers Student Day at the New East Link Extension, Seattle, Washington.

The new East Link extension construction project east of Washington is the site for the tour this school semester. This project will construct light rail from the International District/Chinatown Station in Seattle, across Lake Washington on the floating bridge, under Mercer Island and on the East Channel Bridge to South Bellevue and Downtown Redmond. Our tour will focus primarily on the above grade structures work near downtown Bellevue.

Civil engineering and construction management students from Central Washington University, Oregon State University, Washington State University and University of Washington attended the session.

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Calaveras Dam Replacement Project

 October 27, Dragados USA, Flatiron West Inc. and Sukut Construction Inc. JV along a Beavers Student Day in Sunol, California at the site of the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project.

This $800 million project consists of building a new zoned earth and rock fill dam immediately downstream of the existing dam. The replacement dam will have a structural height of 220 feet high and is designed to accommodate a maximum credible earthquake on the Calaveras fault. The dam will have a crest thickness of 1,180 feet and crest thickness of 80 feet. The storage is crucial to providing adequate water to our 2/6 million customers in the Bay area.

Civil engineering and construction management students from Chico State University, Fresno State University, Sacremento State University, University of California Berkeley, and University of the Pacific attended.

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About Beavers Student Day

The Beavers hosts Student Day tours for 50-100 civil engineering and construction management students and faculty members, from colleges, universities where The Beavers provides academic scholarships. The day begins with a briefing of the work they will see. The students embark on a site tour, escorted by members of officials in the construction industry. Everyone them returns to the briefing point to enjoy lunch and discuss the project.

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