Project Showcase: Condon Johnson

Project Showcase: Condon Johnson

The Mid-Coast Project, Segment 3 & 4
San Diego

Description of the project:
The Mid-Coast Trolley will extend trolley service from Downtown San Diego to the University City area. Mid Coast Transit Constructors JV (Skanska, Stacy and Witbeck, & Herzog) contracted Condon Johnson & Associates, Inc. for the construction of the CIDH piles in Segments 3 & 4 of the trolley system which is primarily located in La Jolla, CA.  

CJA’s initial scope of work consisted of installation of approximately 337 CIDH piles, totaling to 16,887 LF of piling, with pile diameters ranging from 2’ to 12’.  Recently CJA was awarded an additional 36 piles (2,620 LF) known as the Genesee Viaduct which concludes the trolley extension into the Westfield UTC Mall. In spring of 2017, CJA began construction on the job.

CJA has completed almost all of the UCSD Viaduct, which runs through and UCSD campus and amounts to nearly half of the piles on the job.  There are two crews working in conjunction on the large diameter piling. The “drill” crew leading the helm with the BG-40 to drill CMP’s and piles to depth.  Right behind them is the “set and pour” crew which consists of the recently purchased Kobelco 275T crane, Linkbelt 75T crane, and a 32M boom pump (See Left).  

All of the piles to date have been drilled dry with the exception of one bent, Bent 3, which was a pile cap foundation consisting of 25(ea.) small diameter piles.  For these piles, and other similar ones in this viaduct, the SR-60 was used to drill piles to depth and the Mantis 8012 was used to hoist and set the cages.  

CJA will begin construction of the large diameter piles for the Nobel Viaduct in the beginning of October.  CJA anticipates to encounter groundwater in a portion of these piles.  CJA will move to the Genesee Viaduct and the station work after the Nobel Viaduct is complete.

CJA is scheduled to be concluded with our portion of work on the project in the second quarter of 2018.
Key Personnel: Luis Maldonado (Superintendent UCSD Viaduct), Jim Vildibill (Superintendent Nobel and Genesee Viaducts) , Alfredo Ricalde (Foreman), William Lincke (Project Manager), Anthony Lucero (Project Engineer), Steve Williams (General Superintendent), Josh Hilton (Estimator)

For details about the company, visit:
Condon Johnson website