Project Showcase: Stacy Witbeck

CM/GC Project: Stacy Witbeck

Description of the project:

Stacy and Witbeck is the managing partner of the Mid Coast Transit Constructors (MCTC) joint venture (with fellow Beavers members Herzog and Skanska) for this $1.2 billion CM/GC project. When completed, it will extend SANDAG’s light rail system 11 miles north from Old Town Station in San Diego to the University of California’s San Diego campus.

The extension will generate 21,000 new transit riders from nine new stations, including three along the beach communities in the heart of San Diego, two aerial stations on the UC San Diego campus, and three more aerial stations in the busy commercial districts of north city. The line also will tap the coastal area into the larger regional trolley/transit system, connection hundreds of thousands of people with universities, hospitals, job centers, shopping, and recreational destinations.


Project features include three bridges across Interstate 5 (two light rail and one roadway), seven bridges across waterways, a parking garage, nine at-grade and aerial stations, a two-mile bikeway, channel reconstruction, and extensive utility relocations and upgrades. Seven miles of the project is in a shared corridor with LOSSAN commuter rail and freight rail traffic (Coaster, Amtrak, and BNSF); the northern four-mile segment is completely elevated. Trackwork includes seven miles of ballasted double track, four miles of direct fixation double track, five miles of double tracking existing commuter rail lines, five commuter rail shooflies, and a tie-in to the existing light rail line. Systems work includes traction power (overhead catenary system), train signals, communications, and upgrades to the existing systems.


The project is more than 25% complete, and thanks to the efforts of more than 100 staff, 300 craft workers, and 200 subcontractors/suppliers, has successfully completed several significant milestones, including Phase 1 of the San Diego River Bridge Double Tracking, the roadway widening on Genesee Avenue to allow the start of guideway construction, and reconstruction of the Rose Creek Channel opening up the second phase of the southern at-grade segment. Commuters along I-5 are currently seeing significant progress on the Gilman Drive arched roadway bridge across the freeway.
The project is slated for completion in 2021.

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